Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tour Through The New Brookland Artist Lofts!

One look through the rental section of the DC craigslist and it's not hard to see why an artist might have trouble bringing their talents to the area. Living here is so expensive!

We've been keeping a close eye on the construction of this place, and even did a blog post about it a couple of months ago. Now the apartments are completed and signing leases! We just had to go explore. 

These places are incredible...kinda made us want to abandon our own leases! Giant walk-in closets, lofted ceilings and modern kitchens come standard in each unit. We were shown around by staff member Taylor, who was trying to secure her own place in the building. But naturally, the apartments are in high-demand.

"Once you're in, you're in," she told us. "You just have to show us your stuff, meaning the kind of work you do, whether it's painting, singing, dancing..."

Dancing is a big theme for the building. The project was created in partnership with Dance Place, which is the next door neighbor. As part of the collaboration, a large dance studio was planned for the ground floor. Now finished and in use, the studio's walls are mostly floor-to-ceiling windows with brand new hardwoods and plenty of lighting. On top of that, the room can be combined with the building's enormous lobby for the residents' future artsy gatherings and events. 

But the best part about the new lofts? The building is a blank canvas. Acknowledging that the city's most creative beings will be living within the ArtSpace walls, management decided to enact as few decorative rules as possible. 

"You can do whatever you want with the space," Taylor told us. "If you want to turn the studio into a one-bedroom by building a wall out of old gates or curtains, go right ahead. The possibilities are endless. That's the point of making it an artists' building." The same goes for the common spaces. "I imagine there will be a lot of projects to make the hallways and lobby more creative-looking," she said of the minimalist modern spaces. "Probably not as much to work with, but we'll leave that to the artists!"

Visit the ArtSpace website to learn more about the Brookland lofts. Now would be best, as these things are filling up QUICKLY. 

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