Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Peter Böttger, Our New Instructor!

The Art League School's teachers are always jetting off to foreign places to share their talent with the world. John Blee just opened a show in Paris last month and Rob Liberace took a group to London this past spring on one of our travel workshops. The Art League has, and will always have, a fair amount of international exports. 

This month, however, the school scored an impressive import in the form of Danish sculptor and drawer Peter Böttger. Soon to be teaching Basic Drawing and Intro to Sculpture classes, Böttger is excited to meet his new students in the fall.

"I think I'm a good teacher because I'm very open-minded," he says. "I like to help students find their own direction with their work instead of inserting my own ideals." 

Böttger's resume is almost as impressive as his portfolio of work. Having studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, the Charlottenborg Sculpture School and the Glyptotek School of Drawing, his skills are evidenced by his collection of collaborators, which includes the Vatican. 

"I did some restoration work for them," he says. "It was very exciting to work on all of that old architecture."

His work there caught the attention of his alma mater, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He was hired as a professor there, and quickly worked his way up to the head of the Restoration School. "So I have a little bit of experience in teaching," he laughs. "You can see that I enjoy it." 

Böttger recently moved to the area with his wife, who is originally from DC. They settled in Old Town, Alexandria, just around the corner from the Torpedo Factory. Now, he says, he looks forward to starting his classes and becoming acquainted with the DC art scene. "I'm very excited to meet other artists and go to shows and hopefully get my work in some galleries," he says. 

We don't think he'll have any trouble adjusting. 

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