Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upcoming Book: Call for Floral-Themed Art!!!

Artist and author Cindy Ann Coldiron is accepting submissions for her second art work for Schiffer Publishing: a photo book dedicated to floral arts. 

Submission Guidelines:
Eligibility: Open to all artists worldwide who use flowers/floral themed images in their art work. All styles will be considered. Each artist may submit up to Five images of their work.
Media: 2-dimensional (color and black and white works: includes but is not limited to photographs and photo based and digital/computer created work, drawings, pastels, collage, watercolor, paintings, botanical illustrations, stained glass and paper); 3-dimensional includes fine craft and sculpture.   
Entry Fees: None

Submissions: Each artist may submit up to 5 images.  All images/photos should be emailed to  Images should be high resolution and ideally between 1-3 MB JPEGS (TIFFs are also accepted). Photos need to be taken with at least a 6 MP camera although a 10 MP or higher camera is better. So the bare minimum resolution for the smallest sized book photo (4 x 6) must be at least 1400 x 2100 pixels to be of acceptable book quality.  Submissions of larger sized photos are encouraged since photos greater than 4 x 6 are used in art books as well.  Do not resize your larger/high resolution photos to smaller sizes.

Please indicate in the email heading “Flower Art Photo Submissions.”  You will receive a confirmation email for your entries within one week of submission.
Naming of photo files: Please name each file with the first letter of your first name, your full last name and image 1 of (total number of images submitted).
For example, CCcoldironimage1of 5, CColdironimage2of 5, etc. 
Captions: In the body of your email, please provide the following caption information for each of your photos.
Title of work, materials and media, size, year of creation, artist name, the name of the photographer of the photo.
So a submission of a water color painting by Jane Smith would have the following caption: 
“Daffodils, watercolor painting, 20”H x 24” W, 2011, Jane Smith, Jane Smith
And a glass sculpture might have the following caption:
“Eternity, Kiln cast recycled window glass, 12” L x 10” W  x 2.5” D, 2010, Cindy Coldiron, Anything Photographic* (*This  is the name of the photographer since I did not take the photo of my sculpture).
*If your art is three dimensional, please include the height, width and depth in inches.
Additional written information: Please also provide one to two paragraphs explaining your submitted art (motivation and/or symbolism and /or technique, etc.) and why you feel compelled to work with flower imagery. This information is required and counts towards the evaluation of your submissions.
Artist website: Provide your artist website address.
Full "snail mail" address: Provide this info as well.
Deadlines: All submissions should be emailed by August 1, 2011. Early submissions are encouraged since some rolling acceptances may also occur. In general, email notifications of acceptance or non acceptance will occur during September 2011.  All artists who enter agree to abide by all the rules of the call for submissions.
Additional Reminders and Rules:
This is a juried call to artists and not a negotiation exercise so good sportsmanship is expected of all entrants.

The decisions of the juror are final in regard to the final acceptances and nonacceptances of specific photo submissions for the book.

This is a call for artist submissions and should not be used as an opportunity to solicit other opportunities such as making demands to co-author the book, co-editing the book, etc.  Any artist who does so will not have their work considered for the book. 
This is also not an opportunity to ask for a “pre review of your work” prior to actual submission.
Accepted artists will be notified via email and required to sign and return a signed photo release for their work for the book within 14 days of notification and may also have to verify and/or provide additional biographical artist information.  Failure to do so within the time frame may result in acceptances being withdrawn.
Free books will not be provided to accepted artists.  Accepted artists will have an opportunity to order the book (but this is not required of anyone) when the book is near the time of release. Information will be provided at that point in time.

Fees are not paid to artists for use of their photos in the book and this is the industry standard for most art books on contemporary artists.  As with newspapers or magazine articles, artists receive publicity and visibility by their work being in the publication.  Most artists choose to list such a major accomplishment under the "publications" section of their resumes. 
If you have any questions, please contact me at:
The blog for this artist call for submissions is at:

I look forward to spending my summer reviewing all the beautiful submissions!  Good luck to everyone.

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  1. How exciting! I love flowers! They are my favorite subject. I look forward to submitting my work. Thank you!

    Annette Weiner