Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trending Right Now: Brookland Artspace Lofts!

We were lucky enough to have one in Mount Rainier, MD, just a mile outside of the D.C. border...but now the brand-new artist lofts in Brookland are signing leases and they are going fast!

Artspace USA is a national organization dedicated to building and preserving space for artists to live, work and prosper. They got their start in the 1970s in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. The operation is now expanded to 37 locations nationwide. The org's website described the age-old plight of the artist: finding affordable space, only to have their talent and creativity act as a magnet for development, eventually making the area unaffordable to them.
"Finding and retaining affordable live/work space is an age-old problem for artists, painters, sculptors, dancers, and others who require an abundance of well-lit space in which to work. Many artists gravitate to old warehouses and other industrial buildings, but their very presence in an industrial neighborhood often acts as a catalyst, setting in motion a process of gentrification that drives rents up and forces the artists out."

Artspace works to create buildings that will only house artists at affordable prices, no matter how high gentrification drives up the local rent rates. 

The DC Artspace was just completed and the mission is moving forward at a rapid pace as artists jump on the brand new lofts. It was a collaborative project with Dance Place and the final bill was around $13 million. Isn't it grand to see people still investing in the arts?

For floor plans, availability and applications, visit the Brookland Artspace Lofts page.

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