Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet the Stars of Our New Exhibit, "Baa-Merica! Icons Revisited"

The sheep have officially arrived.

Leslie Blackmon's pop culture masterpieces-in-yarn arrived this afternoon and they are demanding star treatment!

Erica and Megan are hard at work setting the perfect stage for the sheep and their big opening next Thursday. Read all the details here

Spongebob Sheep-Pants

Spatula in hand, he is ready to make those crabby patties.

Mr. Potato Head

Monopoly Sheep

Rent is due on New York Avenue

Andy Warhol, the father of pop culture, bestowed with his own sheep likeness.

All iconography has a place on this sheep.

From the Campbell Soup buttons... the Brillo Box feet.

Jackson Pollock sheep!

Martha Stewart would be proud. Leslie used her entire line of products to construct this homage!

The back of the Bob Dylan sheep.

Liberace (note the candelabra in his hair)

Dolly Parton's sheep might need some extra support...

Louie Armstrong sheep plays his horn

Megan with the Aretha Franklin sheep!

Just a little bit...

The opening reception is May 12 at 6:30 pm. Visit our website for more details!

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