Friday, September 10, 2010

Michele Rea: Vantage Point

Michele Rea. Built to Last.
Michele Rea’s complex watercolor paintings capture cross sections of deteriorating, industrial structures. By finding beauty in decomposing and weathered objects and rendering them in an abstracted and beautiful way, her unique perspective forces the viewer to see these familiar structures in a new light. Vantage Point, Rea’s solo exhibit of watercolor paintings, will be featured at The Art League Gallery, September 9 – October 4, 2010.
Rea has always gravitated towards old historical buildings and structures, and loves the bold shapes, angles, and textures of this type of architecture. She composes her paintings through the camera lens and looks for interesting, abstracted compositions. “I’m searching for appealing angles, shapes, and textures that will create a provocative composition.” She wants to render each subject from a unique perspective – a viewpoint that’s thought provoking and maybe a little mysterious.
Her mentor Ted Betts at The Art League School taught her how to see abstractly and how to break a subject down into shapes and angles. Rea prefers working in watercolor – an unexpected medium for such a bold and gruff subject matter. “I like being able to slowly build up the layers of paint to achieve texture and a weathered look. It’s what this subject demands.”

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10 - 6; Thursday, 10 - 9; 
Sunday 12 - 6.

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