Sunday, August 8, 2010

29th Annual Smithsonian Craft Show

The 29th Annual Smithsonian Craft Show (2011) application is now available online!
If you have not applied before, or if you have applied and not been chosen, do not be discouraged. In the 2010 show, out of the 120 exhibitors, 45 were completely new to the show. And if you have been an exhibitor in the past, you can be sure that a certain number of exhibitors will earn the chance to return because their work is considered by our jurors to still be evolving and fresh.

NOTICE: You must be prepared to pay for your application at the time you fill out your online application.

Fee: $50 nonrefundable online application
Deadline: Online application – midnight EST. September 22, 2010
Smithsonian Craft Show 2011 dates are: April 14-17, 2011 at the National Building Museum, Washington, DC.
To apply online, please visit
or go to Juried Art Services

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