Saturday, February 13, 2010

Todd Webb's Amazing Patrons' Show Images

One of our fantastic Patrons' Todd Webb, has created this great website to view images.

He also has created lists to print out the images next to your top choices for your own personal list!
How It Works

One table is ordered by Art #, the other by Rank #. When an artwork is called out, find it on the left table and cross it out. Cross-reference that Rank # in the table on the right, and cross it out. When your name is called, the highest ranking, remaining artwork on the right is your top choice.

In the example below, Art #18 is called by someone else. Find Art #18 in the left table. It is Ranked #1. Cross them out. Now find that Rank #1 in the table on the right. Again, it corresponds to your Art #18. Cross them out. Then your name is called. Your highest remaining Rank # on the right table is Rank #2, Art #137. You get Art #137.

Please check it out at

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