Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Add a $1 to First Choice Raffle Tickets to help support Haiti

The Art League Gallery wants to help provide support to Haiti by allowing those who participate in our First Choice Raffle to donate an extra $1 to the American Red Cross.

Our First Choice Raffle coincides with our annual Patrons' Show Event. Our Patrons' Show is the Art League's biggest fundraiser. We sell tickets for $175 to the event, which guarantees each ticket holder a piece of artwork that has been donated by our 1000 Gallery members. The winner of the First Choice Raffle is awarded the first pick of the night.

Tickets are usually $15, but for those who would like to donate to Haiti, the ticket will be $16.

We really would love to help the American Red Cross and want to see the people of Haiti get the support that they need.

Thank you!

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