Friday, April 10, 2009

Roots & Wings - Solo Artist Christine Giammichele

“Roots and Wings,” Christine Giammichele’s Solo Show at The Art League Gallery

“My work is about portraying the beauty that will be lost in the world if we don’t do something to preserve it.”

Through her artwork, artist Christine Giammichele strives to inform and inspire by depicting the intricate connection between endangered species and their habitats. “Roots and Wings,” Giammichele’s solo artist show, raises our awareness of often-unseen endangered species, and it will be featured at The Art League Gallery, April 9 – May 4, 2009.

Giammichele’s mixed media works explore the symbiotic relationship between endangered birds, flora, and pollinator insects. “We don’t realize how delicate and interconnected all the elements, forms of life, and habitat are in our environment until the survival of one of them is threatened.” Overdevelopment of habitats, pollution, human encroachment, and global warming are dangers to all forms of life.

Often starting with a monotype that serves as the “DNA,” or backbone, of the piece, Giammichele incorporates gouache, pastel, and painting into the image. The scripts that adorn each piece reveal the family name, species name, wingspan, and general background information about the life forms in the artwork. Seeking to achieve a tactile quality, Giammichele concentrates on texture and layering in her work.

“I like the idea of getting this important message out in a beautiful way. I'm passionate about influencing kids and upcoming generations. They're the ones who can continue to make a lasting difference"

Giammichele’s artwork has been exhibited in group and solo shows nationally. She attended the Parson’s School of Design in New York. She will donate a portion of her proceeds from this show to the Anacostia Watershed Society.

In The Art League Gallery:
“Roots and Wings,” April 9 – May 4, 2009

Reception: Sunday, April 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

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