Thursday, October 9, 2008

Opening reception tonight for "Revealed Histories" and "Mending Fences"

Join us this evening from 6-8:30 pm to open our two October shows - the All-Media Membership Show, Revealed Histories and the solo show, Mending Fences, featuring Mixed Media Works by Michele Hoben:

Near Parallel II, Michele Hoben

Fences have been primarily used as dividers of land, conveying both safety and fear. Some menacing, some beautiful, materials both humble and exquisite, their purpose is both necessary and silly. The symbolic parallels between fences and what’s occurring in our country are timely. Hoben’s mixed media series, “Mending Fences,” has come to create a subtle commentary on our current political and economic environment.

Hoben’s great-great grandfather, J. Wallace Page, invented a woven wire fence in 1883. “Fences are in my blood,” she states. This series began with a simple sketch of a bamboo fence, and Hoben then realized there was so much to explore artistically with this subject matter. Her works are made expressive by her powerful and aggressive use of line and mark making. “Line is the foundation of my fence series. The play of transparency and opacity, negative space and patterns of light and dark created by the different fence structures and materials are also interesting to explore and are an important part of my work.”

“There are many political and cultural references and associations with fences.” White picket fences are seen to some as a symbol of Americana, suburbia – representative of an idealistic society. As many homes across the country face foreclosure, perhaps what the white picket fence symbolizes is changing. The fence under construction across our southern boarder to curtail illegal immigration, approved by Congress, has encountered strong opposition from local jurisdictions.

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